Empowering Patients, Assisting Clinicians

The ICARE, intelligently-controlled assisted rehabilitation elliptical, is a fully-integrated system that provides a safe, effective method for assisting patients with neuromuscular disorders. Download our brochure to learn about all the features and benefits the ICARE offers patients and clinicians.

For Every Step of The Walking Journey

The ICARE was developed at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska as an affordable option for clinics and hospitals to provide partial body weight support gait training as an effective tool for the patient, while also facilitating a safe means of implementation for the clinician. The ICARE is more than just a piece of physical therapy equipment-is is a system designed to make rehabilitation easier for everyone involved. Doctors, clinicians, therapists, patients and their families will experience a smoother road to recovery thanks to the ICARE's innovative and intuitive features.

The brochure includes detailed information including:

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The ICARE systems difference configurations and specifications

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Testimonial from ICARE customer Brooks Neuro-Recovery Center

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Additional photos of the ICARE in use

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Detailed key features that make the ICARE unique