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SportsArt ECO-POWR™ Empowers Beach Fit studio and Its Members in the UK

Posted by Britt Harris on 4/26/16 11:06 AM

Beach Fit studios in the United Kingdom are making waves with a revolutionary approach to membership fees by rewarding
discounts based on the user’s energy output.

With SportsArt ECO-POWR™ equipment and the SENZA+ app, members are able to track how much utility-grade energy they generate and send back to the power grid with every workout.

This approach helps to reduce the gym’s carbon footprint and further promotes Beach Fit’s aim to become a sustainable ‘ecogym.' It also increases customer loyalty, as members receive discounts off of their monthly membership dues based on their overall energy output.

Beach Fit's sustainable approach to People, Planet, and Profit is also drawing a lot of attention from media and quickly becoming a new best practice for operators in the fitness industry aiming to cater to millennials. 

Read the full article on the Shoreham Herald.

For more information on ECO-POWR™, contact Ivo Grossi at 800-709-1400 ext. 119 or email him at

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